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RTC: Bios

Mike Vanhoy - Lead Guitar Acoustic Guitar

Mike was born on March 27, 1969 in Albemarle N.C. At the young age of 13, he discovered "the guitar". and learned every song on Journy's Infinity album. Mike has played everything from Country, rock, Blues, beach and more! When he's not playing in Right Turn Clyde he's sitting in with another Band somewhere. Mike's gear consist of Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Peavey and Marshall. Mike is a BIG part of the Band and we are very lucky to have him!

Barry Vanhoy - Bass Guitar Lead Vocals Backup Vocals

Barry is also from Albemarle and is Mikes younger brother. Barry has played Bass Guitar since he was a kid, in fact his bass was taller than he was at one time. He has some of the coolest bass licks I've ever heard and like his Brother Mike, they just make it look so easy.

Stan Grady - Keyboards, Lead Vocals and Backup Vocals

Stan is from the outskirts of Troy N.C. Stan is an awesome keyboard player and can sing the Motown stuff better than some of the originals did! He has a music major from E.C.U. so he's " got some schoolin" He is a big part of the killer four part harmonies we do. "he can reach that high stuff" He has a long history of playing music, singing and even clogging. Glad we got em!

Tony Barbee - Drummer

Tony is from Locust N.C. He has played with several members of RTC in the past in other bands and now he has had the chance to join them full time. He is a big plus to the band not only with his awesome drum work but his strong vocals add an extra harmony too. He has brought lots of new songs to the Band for a great new sound!